Swaraj 735-XM

Model: RV-3 TRXM
Country of origin: India
HP Category: 35-40 HP
Type: 4 – Stroke, Direct Injection, Diesel Engine
No. of Cylinders: 3
Bore and Stroke: 100 X 116 mm
Displacement: 2734 cc
Rated Engine Speed: 1800 rev/min
Air Cleaner: 3 Stage Air cleaning system compromising of cycolonic pre-cleaner, Oil Bowl and Paper element to enhance Engine Life
Cooling System: Water Cooled with No loss tank
Gear Speeds (Km/hr)
Low : 2.3 3.1 4.7 7.1 2.9
High: 9 12.3 18.3 27.8 11.3
Hydraulics & Implement Linkage
2 lever live hydraulic system having automatic position & draft with mix control.
Position control: To hold lower links at any desired height.
Automatic Draft Control: To maintain uniform draft.
Mix Control: For optimum field output.
Hydraulic lift pump: Gear type hydraulic pump delivers 17 l/min at rated engine speed.
Front: 6.00 x 16
Rear: 12.4 x 28
O.A.Length: 3420 mm
O.A.Width: 1675 mm
O.A.Height: 2270 mm
Wheel Base: 1960 mm
Min.ground Clearance: 390 mm
Weight of Tractor: 1925 kg
  • More fuel efficient engine meeting with Bharat Trem-III norms.
  • Single piece front tilting bonnet for ease of maintenance.
  • Water sealed front axle hubs with bearing for easy steering.
  • Ergonomic design of seat and steering for comfortable driving.
  • Alternator – for powerful headlights and longer battery life.
  • Water separator in fuel line for extra protection of fuel injection pump.
  • PTO available in 540/1000 rpm.
  • Economical in haulage, ploughing, threshing and pump-set operations.